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  • Dave Bedford

Pop Artist Besa Releases Latest Single 'Titan'

Besa Koëdhima, known publicly as ‘Besa,’ is a multi-award-winning Albanian singer who combines elements of pop, electronic and R&B to form her own unique and exciting sound. Known for her catchy hooks and relatable lyrics, Besa has made a strong, lasting impression on fans having maintained a dedicated following despite her absence over the last few years. Aside from her notable work as a recording artist, Besa is also considered to be one of the most exuberant and exhilarating live acts in Europe with her suspenseful, creative and emotional performances. 


Despite an already successful career, 2024 marks a huge achievement for Besa. Having already taken first place in the RTSH festival with the song ‘Zemen n’dore,’ Besa has now been put forward as the Albanian entry for Eurovision 2024. For this, ‘Zemen n’dore’ has been translated and adapted into an English version under the name ‘Titan.’ 


This new single is a rich tapestry that exemplifies her individualism within the landscape of Eurovision. With an emotive introduction, Besa displays her talent as a vocalist, delivering a dynamic performance overflowing with passion and nuance. As the track unfolds, listeners are sent into an unexpected party anthem that is both incredibly fun and highly cathartic. A sharp turn away from the soft opening demonstrates Besa’s creative songwriting style as well as acting as a perfect musical complement to the overall message of the song.


When asked to speak about the track, Besa stated that the “song comes from a place of hurt and struggle. I was going through a period of personal turmoil, emotional exhaustion… I felt stuck in a periodic cycle of unhappiness and vulnerability.” Whilst the track certainly takes listeners on an emotional journey, Besa fights against these feelings of oppression and refuses to let anger and pain take over, “I bet you thought that I would crumble but I won’t.” 



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