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My Five Favourite Albums - BEFORE YOU FALL ASLEEP

Before You Fall Asleep, the enigmatic persona of Rudi, has been making waves in the underground alternative rap scene with his introspective music tackling pivotal issues. Drawing from influences spanning punk, metal, hardcore, and hip hop, Rudi's journey into music began at a young age, performing in metal bands throughout his teenage years. This diverse musical background has shaped Before You Fall Asleep's unique sound, characterised by raw emotion and authenticity.

Since the release of his debut single "go it alone" in 2022, Before You Fall Asleep has garnered an impressive fan base, independently amassing upwards of half a million streams. Collaborations with acclaimed producers like Dylan Cooper have further propelled Rudi's musical evolution, infusing his tracks with melodic influences inspired by early 2000s emo/rock and the underground Soundcloud wave.

As Before You Fall Asleep enters a new era of his sound, fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming releases in 2024. In this exclusive Q&A session, we delve deeper into Rudi's musical journey, exploring his top 5 albums that have influenced his artistry and shaped his sound...

Q&A: Before You Fall Asleep's Top 5 Albums

Blink182 - self titled 

Released: November 18, 2003

Recorded: January–October 2003

Studio: The Rubin's House, Signature Sound, Rolling Thunder (all San Diego), Conway Recording (Hollywood)

Genre: Pop-punk, alternative rock, emo, new wave

Producer: Jerry Finn

Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Released: 2 October 1995

Label: Creation Records

Awards: Brit Award for British Album of the Year, Brits Album of 30 Years Award, NME Award for Best LP

Genre: Rock, Britpop, Alternative rock

Good Charlotte - The Chronicles of Life & Death 

Released: 5 October 2004

Producer: Eric Valentine

Genre: Punk rock, Rock, Pop-punk, Alternative rock, Emo, Pop rock, Soft rock, Power pop, Symphonic rock

Turnover - Peripheral Vision

Released: 4 May 2015

Producer: Will Yip

Genre: Pop-punk, Emo, Indie rock, Dream pop, Indie pop, Post-hardcore

Angels & Airwaves - We Don’t Need To Whisper

Release date: 23 May 2006

Recorded: January–October 2003

Studio: Neverpants Ranch, San Diego, California; Studio 606, Hollywood, California

Genre: Rock, Alternative rock, Pop-punk, Pop rock, Space rock, Emo, Dream pop, Arena rock, Neo-prog, New Prog

Label: Geffen Records

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