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Interview - The Kid and I

The Kid and I are an alt-rock outfit from London that just seem to have something that little bit different to other bands. Their latest single 'Wonder Pt. 2' and EP 'Good Times Go' showcase a truly refreshing brand of modernised and accessible rock 'n' roll.

Fronted by songwriter Jacob Powell, he shares the intimacies of his life and channels into their fierce, yet beautifully arranged brand of alternative rock that has moments of both power and delicacy. We sat down with him to learn more about the band, the new music and what's next for The Kid and I this year. Check it out below.


Hey The Kid and I, how are you doing? 

Hello! We are very good thank you! Gearing up for another very busy year with lots of fun stuff lined up!

How and when did The Kid and I form? 

The Kid and I originally started as a solo project by me (Jacob) during the Covid pandemic in 2020. After dropping a few singles on my own I made a band, and after a few lineup changes we finally solidified and  have been playing shows and recording music with them ever since.

Who are your main influences as a band? 

We love big rock music, so originally bands like Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Sam Fender to name a few, and  have started looking at some great up and coming bands like SNAYX or more punky/experimental bands like  IDLES or Shame for inspiration.

What's your biggest highlight as a group so far?

For us so far I would say it has to be our EP release show back in February at The Water Rats - so much  work went into that and having all our friends come and play and also pack the show out was a real joy, and  can’t wait to do it again! Another one is getting signed to Scratch Rock Records - it's a wonderful team which  we feel very supported in, and we can’t wait to see where it goes with them!  

Congratulations on your latest EP 'Good Times Go', we are loving 'Wonder Pt. 2'! What is this song  about? 

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it! And Wonder Pt.2 is a more positive answer to Wonder Pt.1. Where  Part 1 was a more sombre, melancholic look on grief and the state of your life, Part 2 is about taking control  and going out into the world guns blazing, accepting the lows with the highs and trying to learn how to let  love into your life.


What was the recording and writing process like for this song? 

The initial music writing process was quite quick - I had written most of the EP in a 10 day writing session  when I got COVID back in 2021 and really Part 2 was purely because I couldn’t decide if I wanted the song  to be a ballad or a punk tune, so I thought I’d do both! The lyrics I did spend ages on, literally writing them  whenever I got a minute, either at home or on the tube to work. The string section was written by my good  friend Gavin Brooks, who is a phenomenal string player, and it’s definitely opened up a lot of ideas for the  future of where we can take the music! 

The recording process for the EP was done at Unit Studios in Letchworth with Nick Kozuch, and was done  over several months - it's always a joy to work with Nick, we’ve been collaborating together for a few years  and he always make everything sound amazing and takes it to places I never would’ve seen coming!

How would you describe this song sonically for our readers? 

Think old school anthemic pop punk music, from 90’s/2000 style bands like Blink or Green Day with a  positive and uplifting message about facing your fears and never giving up.


And finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2024? 

Currently we are packing our calendars with more gigs (we have things lined up until the end of the year)  and with hopes to do more UK shows too! Maybe even some more music? But we shall see!

Listen to 'Wonder Pt. 2' & 'Good Times Go' here:

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