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Jonsjooel releases experimental and cinematic jazz single 'Goodbye Ah'

Jonsjooel, the acclaimed Finnish artist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, announces the release of his latest single ‘Goodbye Ah’, a profoundly reflective track from his forthcoming EP, Voices Of A First Day, set to be released via Kieku Records. Blending his jazz roots with elements of folk and electronica, Jonsjooel crafts an expansive, experimental soundscape that speaks to his innate sensitivity and deep connection to the natural world.

In ‘Goodbye Ah’, Jonsjooel delves into the concept of signs—whether they appear as omens, intuition, or other forms of subtle communication. He believes that by cherishing our sensitivity, we can unlock a deeper understanding of our environment and the fragile beauty of the world around us.

"‘Goodbye Ah’ is a reflection of my belief in signs. Sometimes they appear as omens, intuition, or whatever we want to call them. And if we cherish our sensitivity, we can see so much more."

The single arrives at a crucial time when humanity's impact on nature is more evident than ever. Jonsjooel's music serves as an earnest reminder of the importance of caring for our natural surroundings, emphasizing the interconnectedness between humans and nature.

‘Goodbye Ah’ follows Jonsjooel's debut solo album, Lullabies for Younger Self, released in October 2023. That album, inspired by his late grandmother, was a deeply personal and reflective work designed to provide comfort and support. In Voices Of A First Day, Jonsjooel continues to explore themes of self-care, forgiveness, and compassion, urging listeners to be kinder to themselves and others.

Jonsjooel is poised to deepen his connection with his audience through the journey of his upcoming EP. Voices Of A First Day promises to be a landmark in Jonsjooel's career, showcasing his unique blend of genres and profound lyrical content.

Stream 'Goodbye, Ah' below:


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