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Joshua Idehen releases a soulful symbol of resilience in new single "All You Can Do Is Try"

In a world where the weight of worries often feels overwhelming, Joshua Idehen’s latest track, “All You Can Do Is Try,”emerges as a beacon of hope and resilience. The Stockholm-based British-Nigerian musician and poet has crafted a soulful club anthem that speaks directly to the heart of human experience, offering a poignant reflection on facing adversity with courage and grace.

From the first beat, “All You Can Do Is Try” captivates with its feel-good atmosphere. The track is a seamless blend of euphoric keys, lively hi-hats, and pulsating beats, all enveloped in Idehen’s explosive creativity and soulful voice. His distinct spoken-word style delivers words of vulnerability and wisdom, making the song both a profound and dance-inducing listen. The chorus, “sometimes all you can do is try, alright, I’m saying, sometimes all you can do is try, and that’ll have to be alright, I promise it’ll be alright,” offers a comforting mantra for anyone facing life’s challenges.

Crafted with producer and instrumentalist Ludvig Parment, “All You Can Do Is Try” fuses poetry with modern club sounds in a natural, free-flowing way. The track walks the line between introspection and exuberance, making it a unique addition to the contemporary music landscape.

“All You Can Do Is Try” is an anthem for anyone navigating the trials of life. Idehen’s ability to encapsulate the essence of human resilience and pair it with infectious, danceable rhythms makes this track a standout. As we face our own challenges, Joshua Idehen reminds us that sometimes, all we can do is try – and that’s more than enough.

Stream "All You Can Do Is Try" here:


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