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Okayracer returns with his redefining electronic sound in new single "Okayraver"

Okayracer, the innovative force from Long Island, emerges once more to reshape the musical frontier with his latest offering, "Okayraver". This pulsating track transcends boundaries, embarking listeners on a sonic odyssey through the realms of house and underground rave influences.

Infused with a diverse palette of inspirations ranging from Radiohead's introspective electronica to the raw energy of Vince Staples and the genre-defying finesse of Travis Scott, Okayracer is renowned for his distinctive sound that defies categorisation. With "Okayraver", he ventures beyond the confines of glitchy hip-hop and introspective electronica, delving into uncharted territories with bold experimentation.

In a remarkably short span of time, Okayracer has ascended to prominence, captivating audiences with his infectious beats and boundless energy. From the debut anthem "okayracer!" to the electrifying "Okayraver", he consistently pushes the boundaries of electronic music, earning acclaim and securing coveted placements on Spotify's hyperpop, feedBack, and unleashed playlists.

Reflecting on the genesis of "Okayraver", Okayracer reveals, "I crafted this track to break free from the constraints of my current artistic milieu. Drawing influence from this year's house anthem 'X wit the boot up' and the rich tapestry of The Underground Rave scene, we aimed to encapsulate the essence of the culture in this song."

With "Okayraver", Okayracer embarks on a sonic journey that transcends mere music. It's a transformative experience that challenges conventions and invites listeners to explore uncharted sonic landscapes. In this sonic odyssey, Okayracer cements his status as a visionary artist reshaping the future of electronic music.

Stream "Okayraver" here:


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