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Aves unveils their transcendent and highly explorative new electronic pop album 'Transformations'

Aves, the Helsinki-based trio consisting of Eino, Juntti, and Antti, unveils their highly anticipated album, "Transformations," marking a significant milestone in their musical journey. Rooted in personal experiences of mental health struggles, addiction, and inner healing, the album represents a cathartic exploration of freedom and growth for the band.

Collaborating with acclaimed artists like JFDR from Iceland and Lydmor from Denmark, Aves delivers a captivating blend of electronic pop with ethereal synthesizers and introspective lyrics. The sleek production and soulful vocals exemplify the refined Nordic pop sound that has become their signature style.

The album's opening track, "Silent Solitude," sets the tone with its expansive soundscapes and introspective themes, inviting listeners into Aves' sonic universe. "Gem Of The Ocean," featuring JFDR, continues the journey with its mesmerising beats and euphoric melodies, urging listeners to embrace moments of connection and joy.

"Doubt," the album's third single featuring Lydmor, offers a hedonistic escape from self-doubt, enveloping listeners in a lush sonic landscape. Meanwhile, "Not Go Home," the focus track featuring Lake Jons, delves into themes of identity and resilience, weaving sultry 70s motifs with electrifying pop elements.

"Life is an intricate dance of attempts and setbacks, an eternal cycle of trying and failing. In this rhythm, each stumble is a lesson, every failure a stepping stone towards growth. The resilience to rise again defines the essence of this cycle, echoing the indomitable spirit within us."

"Transformations" serves as a testament to Aves' artistic evolution and commitment to crafting music that resonates deeply with its listeners. With its rich sonic textures and poignant storytelling, Aves really do showcase their full repertoire in this beautiful record.

Stream "Transformations" here:


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