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Finn Doherty takes us through an indie-pop journey through urban life in 'if you're bored of this city' EP

London artist Finn Doherty's debut EP, if you're bored of this city, mixed and mastered by Lavar Bullard, is a compelling exploration of desire, self-destruction, and identity amidst urban complexities and personal relationships. Spanning seven tracks, the EP encapsulates Finn's transitional period through a long night of romance, excitement, introspection, and longing.

The standout track, "Your Love Won’t Take Me Home," highlights Finn’s vulnerability with its intimate acoustic arrangement, capturing the poignant realisation that a relationship won't work out. This track serves as an emotional anchor for the EP.

Elsewhere, Finn blends pop, indie, and electronic elements in tracks like "Call It Off," "Figure It Out," "KMU," and "Drop My Guard," showcasing his adventurous and youthful approach to themes of lust, heartache, solitude, and sexuality.

Accompanied by music videos for six of the tracks, Finn Doherty’s EP not only tells a story of queerness and bisexuality but also establishes him as a driven, self-made artist ready to make his mark on the UK music scene and beyond. Check it out now.

Stream 'if you're bored of this city' here:


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