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Getters unveils their electrifying brand of electronic pop in 'Hawaii'

Houston-based alt-indie-rock trio Getters unveils their latest single, "Hawaii." Comprising the talented trio of Paul Pelc (singer/guitar), Micah Miller (drums), and Jerry Nettles (guitar/keys), Getters are breaking barriers and blending genres with their dynamic fusion of indie, pop, and rock.

Now, as they prepare to enter a new phase of their musical journey, Getters are set to push boundaries and captivate listeners like never before. With "Hawaii," Getters reintroduces themselves to fans with a fresh and exhilarating sound. The track immediately grabs attention with its eclectic mix of indie, pop, rock, and electronic elements. From infectious electronic beats to catchy synths, "Hawaii" promises to take listeners on a thrilling ride, filled with unexpected twists and turns.

At its core, "Hawaii" is a testament to personal growth and rediscovery, guided by Pelc's mesmerizing vocals. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists, from Harry Styles to Cage the Elephant, Getters showcase their versatility and creativity, transcending genre boundaries with ease.

Highlighted by vibrant horn and strings sections, the chorus of "Hawaii" bursts with energy and excitement, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. With this release, Getters boldly declare that they are ready to challenge conventions and carve out their own unique path in the indie rock scene, promising an exciting journey ahead for fans old and new.

Stream 'Hawaii' now:


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