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Arliston unleash their cinematically beautiful brand of modernised folk-pop in "Monks of Lindisfarne"

Arliston, the South London duo composed of vocalist/instrumentalist Jack Ratcliffe and instrumentalist/producer George Hasbury, embarks on a new chapter with the release of “Monks of Lindisfarne,” the first single from their forthcoming album, Disappointment Machine. Following their recent single “Thawed,” this track further cements Arliston’s reputation for creating deeply evocative and emotionally rich music.

“Monks of Lindisfarne” envelops listeners in warm, analog-sounding production, highlighting Arliston’s storytelling prowess. The song explores the heartache of romantic rejection, maintaining a composed and poetic narrative throughout. The protagonist, with poignant lyrics, reassures their love interest not to worry if the feelings aren’t reciprocated, capturing the universal experience of vulnerability. The pacing of the track, each percussive beat, and Ratcliffe's heartfelt vocals echo the tension of sending a confessional message and anxiously awaiting a response.

“Monks of Lindisfarne is a Peep Show reference. The quote is when Jeremy claims that he is doing the ‘honorable’ thing by telling Mark he is in love with Mark’s girlfriend. Mark responds, ‘No! An honorable man would have become a monk, or cut his nuts off, or gone to Morocco.’ This was one of the (many) oblique references I made in a panicked draft of a long message to someone, attempting to say, ‘don’t worry if you don’t feel the same way; if you don’t, I’ll just become one of the monks of Lindisfarne.’”

As the nearly four-minute track progresses, its folky tranquility is gradually replaced by a cinematic synth soundscape. The repeated affirmation, “tell me I don’t need, that I’m better off,” underscores the resolve to move forward amid emotional upheaval.

“Monks of Lindisfarne” will leave listeners reflecting on their own romantic experiences, captivated by the track’s intuitive and emotive soundscape. Arliston’s seamless blend of folk and synth elements creates an emotionally resonant piece that promises an intriguing journey in their forthcoming album, Disappointment Machine.

Stream "Monks of Lindisfarne" here:


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