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Will Knox delivers his poignant and emotional brand of acoustic folk in "Pillow Scream"

British singer-songwriter Will Knox unveils his latest single, "Pillow Scream," following the success of his recent Growing Pains EP. Serving as an early preview of his forthcoming album, English Silence, scheduled for release on September 27th, "Pillow Scream" marks a poignant return to Knox's acoustic and folk roots.

Drawing comparisons to revered artists like Elliott Smith, Bear’s Den, Villagers, Nick Mulvey, and Passenger, "Pillow Scream" showcases Knox's emotionally vulnerable songwriting at its finest. Recorded in London with producer Ian Grimble (Bear’s Den, Daughter, Axel Flovent), the single features solo acoustic guitar and Knox's honest, vulnerable vocals layered over subtle synths and supportive strings.

In addition to the new release, Will Knox is set to headline Green Note in London on June 6th, with a headline tour across the UK and Netherlands scheduled for Autumn 2024. This marks an exciting opportunity for fans to experience Knox's intimate and emotive live performances firsthand.

With notable releases like "Stolen Car" (over 10 million streams) and the album Shedding + Blooming (over 4 million streams), Will Knox has solidified his reputation as a respected songwriter and solo artist. Beyond his solo endeavors, Knox has received numerous accolades for his songwriting, including five Buma Awards and one ASCAP Award, with credits on tracks totaling over 1 billion streams. Collaborating with artists such as Duncan Laurence, Son Mieux, Sarah Julia, and Dotan, Knox's influence extends far beyond his solo career, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

"Pillow Scream" is a soul-stirring journey through the depths of emotion, guided by Knox's masterful songwriting and evocative vocals. As fans eagerly anticipate the release of English Silence, "Pillow Scream" serves as a captivating preview of what's to come from this exceptionally talented artist.

Stream "Pillow Scream" below:


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